Opportunity Zones: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018

Since inception, Gary Hobbs, the CEO of BWI, LLC, has been instrumental in developing the strategy behind Opportunity Zones. This initiative is part of the Tax Cut and Job Act of 2018. As chair of the Real Estate Economic Inclusion subcommittee (led by Senator Tim Scott), Gary is one of the country’s leading authorities on this matter.  As a result, BWI is uniquely positioned to provide valuable investment services to investors, and plays a critical part in connecting them to promising community projects.

Tax Benefits of Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones provide 3 primary tax benefits to investors who invest in a designated Opportunity Zone through the use of an Opportunity Fund. 

Opportunty Zones Resources

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BWI Corporate Respone to COVID-19

BWI has released a formal statement in regards to the health pandemic that is COVID-19. As it continues to affect businesses and individuals across the globe, BWI will continue to provide their partners with up to date efforts to keep everyone safe.

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